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Not Just A Number is a fascinating – and important – read that highlights the dangers America’s working men and women face from industrial pollutants. It’s also a compelling personal story about a young girl who left Communist Poland, embraced the opportunities of America and, against the odds, successfully fought for justice when tragedy struck at the heart of her family.

Pete Donohue

Director of Press and Media Relations, Transport Workers Union Local 100 Plus former reporter and columnist for New York Daily News

It’s a horrible thing to watch someone you love die. And it’s heartbreaking watching one of your friends desperately try to save her husband’s life so that she and her children won’t lose the vibrant, funny, affectionate man they call Daddy. But it’s infuriating to learn that death was due to negligence in providing a safe work environment. I am in awe of Dorota, who made some very difficult decisions in the depth of her mourning, to take on the MTA of NYC and to decide to spread the word by writing this book. Anthony would be so proud that the men and women of MaBSTOA finally have a voice.

Mary McDonough-Turbett

Tony was a friend and fellow worker. I am so pleased you fought a great fight. Thank-you Dorota. As like others before him who left us some soon after retirement. I would have glady participate as a witness for him and you. Given my time in service. You have created a doorway for all of us.

Rolando Cortez

All my mabstoa guys and anyone else that works around these deadly workplaces, read this book , you will relate and understand it. It’s amust. And thank you Dorota Nigro for a great job. May Tony RIP

Frank Russel

I’m actually reading this book now in the very beginning. What a beautiful story I can’t put it down. Story of hardships, change, courage, excitement, love. I will continue to read this to the very end. I would love to see this story told as a-movie. The story has to be told. Thank you Dorota for sharing your beautiful life. viel Respekt, ich liebe dich.

Sharlene Granda

Job well done Dorota

Steven Chubay

I read it too. Amazing job!

Theresa Mckeefski

This book was absolutely amazing. It touched my heart in so many ways. Their love was so beautiful. So sad to have to endure such a tragic death that didn’t have to be. Thank you Derota for bringing awareness to this disgusting toxic chemical. Others will surely benefit from it. Very moving !!!

Lisa Conklin

Dorota you and Chris did an excellent job on this book. The book brought tears and laughter remembering Tony. The description of the old depots were on the money, dark, dirty and lack of adequate ventilation. Yes the MTA did not care, all they wanted were their buses to go out for service. Thank you for your drive to win.

Mike Picone

As a former bus operator,maintenance helper ,maintainer and facilities employee I can relate to the working conditions expressed in this well written, concise depiction of our environment on the job.Dorothy took on a just cause and I for one am happy that she she stood for what is the right thing to do and not let herself be intimidated by corporate lawyers and the like.
Much respect

Angel L. Gomez Jr.

A story of a Polish immigrant who embraced all the opportunities in America. She became all she could be and found and married the love of her life. Her husband, a desiel mechanic for the MTA, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer shortly after retiring. Dorota was relentless in her search for health care for husband. After he died, she relentlessly pursued the MTA for their part in the neglect of their employees in horrific conditions servicing huge buses with little to no ventilation. A true story that will make you, laugh, smile, and cry. When the attorneys told her there was no hope to file a winning law suit against the MTA, she wrote a book to tell the world.
A. Sullivan

Loved the book, I am a little biased as I worked with Tony. He was the “victim” of the book , so to speak, of the effects of Diesel exhaust in the workplace. He is represented well by the author, his loving wife, Dorota. I can personally attest to the conditions reported as accurate, and Tony’s personality was just as I remembered it, a good guy , who treated people as they treated you. Dorota has an amazing memory, their love for each other brought many tears to my eyes , as she fights to expose her husband’s killer!

Randall Stiles

I love this beautiful story. It’s the story of change,courage,danger,excitement,love, Perseverance, heartbreak, determination. “The greatest of these is love” this should be a movie. Thank you Dorota for sharing your story!

Sharlene Granda

Clearly an amazing book, not just a story, but a true life experience. A lady that doesn’t let anyone or anything keep her from fighting for what she believes. I am sure Anthony is looking down in amazement at what you accomplished! Sad to see that men go to work everyday to only look forward to retirement, with a horrible ending, because of their environment at their workplace. Your exposure of this can and will help many others! GREAT JOB DOROTA

Catherine Farrell

I read this book in one and a half sittings. It is an extremely moving and important story. Dorota Nigro has done important work in bringing to light the carcinogenic effects of diesel fumes, the cause of death of her late husband and so many of his coworkers at the MTA. Her story is not only an important expose, but also the heartwarming story of her relationship with her husband and the effect his loss had on her family and their community. I would recommend this book to anyone.

Omer Sultan

Very interesting story of a very resilient and strong woman!


A story that needs to be told about an industry and company that does not care

Kindle Customer

great job exposing the hidden dangers faced on a daily basis

Amazon Customer

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Not Just A Number

Anthony always believed that he was living out his destiny. I know completing this book and building an awareness of the historic dangers of diesel fumes is mine.