Diesel fumes are a known carcinogen. But since the 1940s, diesel buses have idled inside of bus depots with little or no ventilation, giving generations of workers cancer. This site serves as a memorial to their silent sacrifice, and for families to commemorate their loves ones who lost their lives in this great and largely unknown, modern crime.

Every bus that passes you on the street is its own power plant, and one the exhausts a toxic cloud of chemicals into the environment. Those people that work in and around buses, especially indoors, are most at risk.


09/22/1954 – 01/05/2012

“On the day my husband Anthony Nigro received his first pension check from the MTA, he received the diagnosis that he had Stage IV Lung Cancer. He died in three months. In that time we traveled from specialist to specialist searching for a way to prolong his life. One specialist, after looking through Anthony’s records said, ‘This is environmental.’ I didn’t know what that meant, but Anthony did. ‘Don’t you see,’ he said, ‘It’s diesel.’ Diesel fumes killed my husband, and the courts agreed. But this is only the beginning.”


4/14/1964 – 11/19/2016

“Good morning brothers and sisters. Sorry to inform you all, according to my doctor’s visit yesterday, I may have 6 months to 6 years of life left. He said with the chemo my cancer is sustained. But if it should act up, I’m doomed. The chemo is the only thing now keeping me alive along with a healthy diet. The only pain I feel right now is that my hands and feet are seriously burning. He will be giving me another medication to take the edge off for the burning. Great more meds. Another that’s going to get me high. If the MTA were smart which we know they’re not, they should get rid of all vehicles that run on diesel. My cancer is job related. 25 years exposure to diesel fumes. Doctors found traces of it’s chemicals in my blood stream. Please if you are still working, wear the proper respirator and not just some dust mask.To your health.”


4/13/1937 – 10/23/1987

He was a great person who would do anything for anyone at any time. He had almost 17 years as a bus operator, and never had an accident or a disciplinary charge against him. They don’t make them like that any more.


01/15/49 –12/21/2007

He worked the Kingsbridge, Hudson Pier, and Gunhill bus depots. In November of 1996 he became a foreman. He retired out of Gunhill in January of 2001 and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of 2006. He died in December of 2007.

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Any successful legal formula possesses intelligence plus dogged hard work, but when the 'Dorota factor' gets added best advise all opposition to run for cover. Diesel fumes kill, but Dorota’s love for her late husband, Anthony, combined with her leadership beat the fumes. You did it!

John C. Dearie

Attorney of Law and former Assemblyman & Former New York State Assemblyman

Not Just A Number is a fascinating - and important - read that highlights the dangers America’s working men and women face from industrial pollutants. It’s also a compelling personal story about a young girl who left Communist Poland, embraced the opportunities of America and, against the odds, successfully fought for justice when tragedy struck at the heart of her family.

Pete Donohue

Director of Press and Media Relations, Transport Workers Union Local 100 Plus former reporter and columnist for New York Daily News

This case is really a monumental decision. It's reminiscent of where we were with asbestos in the '70s.

Dr. Frank Goldsmith

Director, Local 100 Occupational Health

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